Book Title
Summary( Three Sentences - Beginning, Middle, End)
Teacher Initials
1.A Long Walk To Water
Linda Sue Park
Salva is in school when the War happens. The book is about his long journey to find his parents and trying to not die. He finds his family. The main questions he asks him self is Where are we going? Where is my family? When will I see them again?
NRM 9-19
2. Nature's Children Sea Mammals
Frank Puccio
In this book there was really no summary, but the book was very interesting, and I learned a lot. The book had chapters and each one was about how they are and how they act. I learned that whales are shown in shows. I also learned the kinds of sea mammals.
3.Nature's Children Koalas
Elizabeth MacLeod
This book really had no summary. The book was all about koalas and what they eat, where they live, and so much more stuff. I really enjoyed learning about koalas. They are one of my favorite animals. The book was very interesting. I learned that they eat mint leaves and that the baby koalas stays with its mom for many years.
NRM 10-1
4.Balancing Act
Dominique Moncenanu
and Alicia Tompson
This book is about these girls who do gymnastics and their life. In the beginning of the story, Noel ( the main character) talks about school and her life. In the middle it is about a school dance. In the end of the story it is about the national qualifiers and how Noel gets interviewed. The book is very and a good and interesting easy 6th grade level book.
NRM 10-1
5.At the Edge
I don't know, but i will find out for you
This is a very interesting book. There was no plot since it was full of little stories. My favorite one was called Leap Of Faith. It was about a man had a seizure and fell into railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train. A guy saved him!!!!! I definitely think you should read it.
NRM 10-31
Alice Hoffman
This book was about these people who wanted the ocean because they live no where near any water since everyone in the town hated water. In the begging of the book, it talks about how strange the McGills are. In the middle of the book, it talks about the people who want water plan and start to go on their journey to find water.In the end of the book, there is a big surprise, and many people become know for helping during a large storm. I think you should read this book since it is a easy and fun sixth grade level book!!!!
NRM 10-31
7.Lawn Boy Returns
Gary Paulsen
This book is about a twelve year old boy and his friends and family start a lawn business. In the beginning of the book it tells you about the start of the business. In the middle of the book it talks about how many people joined. In the end of the book it explains how the business ended. That is about the book. I think you should read it.
8.On My Honor
Marion Dane Bauer
In the beginning of this book it was talking about how Joel and Tony were asking his dad to let them bike ride to a very dangerous place. The boys didn't like the dads answer. The dad changed his mind. The middle of this book is about the journey. The end of this book is about the search!!!!
NRM 11-27
Gordon Korman
In the beginning of this book it talks and tells about the dogs getting ready and planing their secret attack. The middle of this book is about how the dogs start of their journey. The end of this book is about how the attack turns out. The book is very good!!!
10.A Series of Unfortunate
Events A Bad Beginning
Lemony Snicket
The beginning of this book was about how Baudelaire siblings moved to Count Olaf house. The middle of this book was about their life with Count Olaf. The end of this book was about the marriage. You have to read this book to figure out what happens.
NRM 12-3
11. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson
The Herdmans are very bad brothers. They do bad stuff. They never heard of the Christmas Story. The guess of what it is like, isn't even close to the real story. The book was about the young boys relationship and there journey. This book was very good and entertaining.
NRM 1-2
12.A Series Of Unfortunate Events
The Reptile Room
Lemony Snicket
I love this book series!!! This book was about how the Baudelaire siblings had to move to a new house. They went to Montgomery Montgomery's house. He hired a assistant named Stephano... but it was someone else. Soon, he died!! The kids soon had to move AGAIN!!!
NRM 1-2
13. Heartbeat
Sharon Creech
Annie enjoyed her life, but as she got older, things starts to go wrong. Annie loved to be the only child. But, her mom becomes pregnant. Max is Annie's best friend. But, he becomes moody. He is frustrated with everyone and everything. Annie's grandfather lives with them. Soon, he loses his memory. Every day Annie has to draw an apple. One day, she couldn't find the apple. She finally found it in her grandfathers room. But, one bite was taken out of it. She keep drawing it until it was just a core. Finally, she handed in her papers, and received a 100%.
NRM 1-2
14. Red Thread Sister
Carol Antoinette Peacock
This book was a book about Shu Ling's and Wen's adventure. Wen got adapted, but Shu Ling didn't. Wen spends much of her time trying to find a way that Shu Ling could get adapted. Wen put Shu Lings name on a website. A family was going to adapt her, but they ended up not doing it. Shu Ling is about to turn thirteen, which means no one can adapt her after her birthday. Its a sad but good story.
NRM 2/5
15. Mr.Poppers Penguins

Mr. Popper paints houses for a job. He gets an surprise package in the mail and it was penguins. He had to quit his job to take care of the penguins. It was hard at first but it soon became winter and things got easier because it was cold outside. During the summer he had to make snow in his basement because penguins like snow. The story was full of adventure and it was a good book.
NRM 2/5
16. Helen Keller
Leslie Garrett
This was a book about a real person named Helen Keller. It talks about the struggles she had because she went deaf and blind when she was little. Annie Sullivan tried to help Helen out by being her teacher. she taught her how to use sign language. Helen was a good student and learned a lot from Annie. She died on June 1, 1968 from a heart attack. She is in the Women's Hall of Fame.
NRM 2/5
17.Liar Liar
Gary Paulsen
Lair Lair is a book about Kevin and how he lies all the time. He plays a lot of jokes too. The book talks about his pranks. It is a good book. It is full of funny sentences. It talks about his life too. I enjoyed this book!!
NRM 2/5
18. Stand Tall
John Bauer
Tree/Sam's parents are divorced which makes his life hard an not fun. It was 19 days before Christmas and he was talking to his mom on the computer. He complained about how tall he was and about his parents. Tree's grandfather leg got shot with shrapnel and he is in the hospital. It is not fully recovered yet. Tree isn't good with balls. He can not play basketball. Bot of his brothers got scholarships for sports. He also wasn't the best student, whenever he had Mr. Pender, he got a C minus. Tree wondered a lot about the war.......
NRM 2/28
19.Missing May
Cynthia Rylant
One day, Summer lost her mom in a flash flood. Summer went to live with her Aunt May and Uncle Ob. She likes it at their house. Their family was happy together. But, One day, May died. Ob was very sad. Summer thought Ob would give up on her. The next morning, Ob did not get out of bed early... This has never happened. Summer woke him up. And he was sad that he did not get up. Now Ob is very upset. They try to find people that can find Mays spirit. They find a little boy named Cletus. He could not find the spirit. Ob was super upset now. Ob was on a mission to find someone who can find Mays spirit. Ob, Cletus, and Summer all took a trip in search to find Mays spirit. They visited the Capitol Building. In the end of the book, there is a sad part. In the end, Ob was happy again!!!!!
20. Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis
Ben Carsons life story is very inspiring. I was surprised when people called him dumb. The passage talks about his life struggles. My favorite part of the book is when they talked about his amazing operations. I was astonished. When I get older, I want to become a psychical theripist. Dreams really do come true, this passage deminstraied this motto.
NRM 4/1
Jerry Spinelli
This book was mainly about Davids life. David met this girl named Primrose and his life canged. David had a hard life. I like tis book a lot. But, it got a little confussing.
NRM 4/1
22. A Corner of the Universe
Ann M. Martain
Awesome book!! Hattie, 12 years old, lives in Millerton, has a hard life. She doesn't like her grandpa, lies a lot to her parents, and has an insane brother. In one part of the book, Hattie mets a lady, they become friends. They see each other a lot. One day something happened and changed their friendship. This book takes place in her Summer break. This book was amazig!! Definetly recommend it!!
NRM 4/1
23. Schooled
Gordon Korman
Cap was 13 years old. One day Rain fell out of a plum tree. She needed surgery. Later, she couldn't take care of Cap anymore, so he had to go live with his guidance councilor. Cap never really was like everyone else. He stood out. He was different. He didn't like the idea of living with his guidance councilor, but he had to.
NRM 5/6
24. Shooting the Moon
Fances O"Roark Dowell
One day, Jamies older brother TJ leaves for Vietnam for the Army. Jamie was excited to receive letters that say all the stuff about the Army. She wanted to hear about what it smells like and what kind of action is going on. When she receives her first letter, she is upset. It didn't met her expectations.
NRM 5/6
25.The Tin Box
Ken Munro
One day, a box was discover in the wall of a cellar. Sammie and Brian discovered it. In the box, was information about Shawn Walker. It made many people start to search for him again. Many things happened and got the searchers confused. In the end, they find out that Shawn Walker is alive but wants to remain anonymous. They find the suspect that was trying to hide him. The suspect was hiding Shawn Walker so he could keep collecting the money that was going to a fundraiser.
NRM 5/6